Privacy Policy

At Molazmat, we give high priority to our users' privacy and make special efforts to provide an environment of safety and security. This Privacy Policy covers confidentiality of users' online data collected via their Molazmat accounts, usage policies and practices. However, it is not applicable to information available to us otherwise. As a user of Molazmat, you are requested to read thoroughly and carefully our Privacy Policy below to stay updated as to how we gather, use and protect your Personally Identifiable Information (PID) online for and in accordance with our website.

Information Gathering & Usage

1. What user information Molazmat gathers and why?
For any user(s) registering at Molazmat website and/ or app, we gather and collect the information including name, CNIC, mailing address, email address, phone number and/ or other necessary details in order to facilitate the user in complying with mandatory account setup requirements as well as for a better user experience.

2. When Molazmat gathers information?
The user’s information is gathered as soon as a user gets registered with Molazmat.

3. How users’ information is used?
Molazmat uses the information shared by the users for registration and from time to time, either as an employer or an employee, to better respond to their concerns, answer their queries, improve their experiences via services’ offerings respond to a survey or marketing communication, surfing the website, or use certain other site features in the following ways:
-- To personalize users’ experience while providing them the ease to get benefitted from Molazmat’s website/ app features both as an employer and employee
--To facilitate in case of any query/concern raised by the users through our support staff as and when needed
-- To enable us sharing the desired and useful information with the users as and when needed
-- To keep the users updated with job alerts, Molazmat service features and latest happenings on the go via email/ SM

4. How users’ information is protected?
-- Molazmat provides candidates’ Video Profiles to only authentic Employer’s accounts under the confidentiality agreement mutually signed with the employer to not breach with the candidates’ information and not to use except for the sole purpose of hiring against positions shared via Molazmat platform.
-- Molazmat protects users’ billing information by taking special measures to ensure confidentiality of their credit card numbers by partnering with verified and trusted local and international payment gateways.
-- Molazmat stores users’ personal information behind secured networks to be made accessible only to a few of Molazmat trusted professionals having special access rights to likewise systems. They are responsible for ensuring users’ information confidentiality.
-- Molazmat, via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, encrypts all sensitive/credit information provided by the users.
-- Molazmat uses multiple security measures at every step to ensure the confidentiality of users’ Personally Identifiable Information

Employees’ Personal Information Confidentiality

Molazmat being a job portal has a lot of personal and confidential information of users available in the form of their Video Profiles. To make sure users’ confidentiality of information available in the Video Profiles, Molazmat helps via:
- Letting the users’ (employees) information accessible to only those registered employers and their authorized representative with account under the employers’ company name who qualify Molazmat’s Employer Verification criteria

Enabling Cookies

1. Does Molazmat use 'Cookies'?
-- Molazmat uses Cookies. Cookies, basically, are small files transferred by a website to users’ system’s hard drive via Web Browser if the same is set to ‘Enable’ mode. They allow the website or service provider to recognize the users’ browser while capturing and memorizing their basic information.
-- Molazmat uses cookies to keep pace up with the users’ preferences based on their previous website usage to facilitate with improved services.
-- Molazmat uses cookies to gather complete statistics pertaining to website’s traffic and interaction to offer improved site experiences to the users alongside improving on usage of website tools in the future.

Disabling Cookies

If the users have opted for ‘Disable Cookies’ option in their browser’s settings, no such information will be stored in users’ hard drive and no search preferences will be available to the user, no matter how many times they login to the website.

Third-party Disclosure

At Molazmat, we do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to any outside third parties any of the users’ Personally Identifiable Information.

Third-Party Links

At Molazmat, neither we include nor offer any third-party products or services through website /app.

Intended Users

As an Employee: Molazmat is intended to facilitate every Blue/Grey Collar individual who is a Pakistani resident.
As an Employer: Molazmat is aimed to facilitate employers at local, national and international level.

Age Limit for Molazmat Users

Any individual of age 18 years and above is eligible to become a registered user with Molazmat.

Refund Policy

Any purchases for Molazmat packages’ are final. Refunds, if any, to be made solely at the discretion of Molazmat.
Thank you for being a Molazmat user.