Social Media Trend

Social Media Trends

A sound marketing plan is a fire and Social Media Trend is gasoline. There are 3.03 billion active social media users in the world. Today with 81% of all small and medium businesses using some kind of social platform. And 66% of marketers have a team dedicated to Social Media Marketing. If you are a business banking for success in 2018. It is extremely difficult to ignore the role of social media in your marketing plan.

Social Media Trends

The marketing leanings of 2017 brought many new insights that can give directions for creating successful future marketing campaigns. Today we will talk about seven Social Media Trend that we found most relevant and what they can teach us about optimal marketing strategies for 2018.

 Social Media Trend

So, whether you are a product manager, marketer, or a business. It is your prerogative to stay ahead of the competition and set your company apart. Therefore, it’s critical to stay up-to-date on the latest Social Media Trend and best practices. Here are some of the trends that might help you do just that.

The Consumer Brand Connection

Nowadays, the engagement rates between consumer and brand are at an all-time high. A recent survey discovered 1 in 3 consumers would mention a brand while sharing personal accomplishment on social media. Not only do consumers love sharing personal accomplishments on social media, but they also enjoy when a brand responds back. In fact, a large chunk of millennial would include a brand on a life milestone just to say “thanks”. The battle that brands wage these days is for social media engagement. Because they have suddenly realized the need for creating lasting relationships rather than just using social media for product advertisement.

Social Media Trend

For your brand to survive in 2018, it is crucial to keep your followers happy by providing a network platform where they can easily reach you. The times demand to make relationships and providing feedback when your followers require it.

Live Video Streaming

As the live video continues to rule social media, research has found that live streaming encourages more engagement from an audience. Experts say that the thrill of interacting in real-time with a brand or celebrity is what drives the increased engagement rates that marketers see when they host live sessions. While big brands like Starbucks are leaders in the live video domain with incredible results, small businesses have a lot to gain from live streaming as well.

Social Media Trend

With live videos, you give exactly what your followers desire: immediate connection, feedback, and fulfilment. With many consumers fearing to ‘miss out’, live video is also a way brands can humanize a company. Sharing live video content with consumers makes them feel as if they are engaging with people who they might know in reality.

Customized Chatbots

Consumers crave personalized care from their brands. And, unless you have a huge moderating staff dedicated to customer care, customized chatbots should be your next go-to option on social media. A chatbot is made up of lines of code, and it can reside in any of the popular social messaging applications used today. Chatbots can be trained to mimic us. They’re automated and can manage all our interactions on our behalf, in our absence. In essence, bots are the most efficient live chat agents you did not pay to hire! On Facebook Messenger alone, there are more than 100,000 chatbots in use to gather information, give product guidance and take actual orders. In fact, chatbots on Facebook Messenger have been shown to increase organizational productivity by up to 3.5 times.

Social Media Trend
Social Media Trend

This means that companies rely more on customization of chatbots to answer specific requests and cater to customers on an extremely detailed and personal level.

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