Is Video Resume the Best Way to Go?

The period of making a short and compact CV to grab the attention of the spotter might come to an end. Rather work searchers are making video profiles of themselves to stand separated from the group. The trend for Video Resume was made popular by innovative and tech-savvy job-seekers. Who experimented with technology at a time where the most common channel was a traditional text resume.

Video Profile is better than old Text CV

Many of Recruiters tell that paper Resume is good but in the video Resume. It will show the real qualities such as personality and confidence. Almost three-quarters of firms went further and said the CVs will no longer live and Video Resume.

Video Resume is Extremely Great

Video Resumes were extremely successful. Because employers can see and hear the applicant’s capability like-how he presents himself for the job. They can correctly assess the showcased body language and presentation skills in the video. Even before the actual meetup. The Video of the applicant is a real, authentic, and veritable one. Which will tell his personality of the Job seeker. Job-seekers can choose to control their first impressions on video rather than during a stressful meeting.

In the booming digital age of today, making a video is one of the easiest things to do. Phones, tablets, pocket cameras, small DSLRs allow the applicant to record their Video Profile for his/ her desired job. This is the platform of self-documentation, which means that people can be recording everywhere and anywhere and also can tell about his / her interest in any field or experience. Having video as the medium of choice, it is not surprising to see employers give favour the resumes recorded on video rather than on paper.

Shorten Video Profile

Recruiters prefer sorting videos profiles to written ones. With the other disadvantages of a written resume, recruiters are mostly irked by the management of all extra paperwork which includes text CVs. Video Resumes tend to ease that burden of the employer as well as show an imaginative side of the job seeker. They show that the potential employee is not afraid to be creative and show his charisma.

In 2014, it emerged that a survey of 500 CVs had found a staggering 98 per cent with gross spelling mistakes, bad grammatical errors and blunder mistakes, or poor presentation. However, video resumes eliminate the chance of grammatical errors with candidates relying on scripts and charisma to make powerful impressions on employers. They have plenty of time to prepare and improve their content without the stress of standing in front of a recruitment panel or a company.

A video is the most effective medium in the world. For job seekers, it is imperative that they maximize the effectiveness of their first impression by choosing video resumes. This method actually favours skill-based labour because they can use the video to demonstrate their abilities. In other words, they can show, where a traditional resume only tell us.

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